”Dance and choreography help us to really see ourselves, and to see beyond ourselves,
so that we may grow – as individuals and as a society”
– Danjel Andersson, Director and Artistic Lead.

Our vision is for dance and choreography to enjoy greater cultural prestige within Danish society. Dance is an expansive art form, and we want to see more venues and more audiences engage with it. Furthermore, we want to increase and improve educational options for artists, as well as the general public’s interest in and knowledge about dance. We want dancing to be a daily occurrence in the life of Danes, and we aim for a significant increase in the presence of Danish dance and choreographic productions globally.

In other words, Dansehallerne exists to:

  • Function as the Danish national center for dance and choreography.
  • Increase national awareness of dance and choreography.
  • Collaborate with national and international key actors within dance and choreography.

We aim high and think big. Starting with above focus areas, we wish to establish more platforms for audiences to interact with dance, and by doing so, strengthen the presence of dance in Denmark. As a national center, we will share practical and theoretical knowledge as well as show and convey dance as an art form. We will instruct and educate our audiences, our collaborators, and our own industry. We will contribute to the creation of a well-functioning and sustainable ecosystem for dance.

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