Dansehallerne is a national center for dance and choreography based in Copenhagen, with a sub-branch in Aarhus, as well as an international meeting point and local platform for the field of dance. We work to create the best possible conditions for artistic production, both for our audiences and for the industry, and our ambition is to contribute to and distribute the knowledge of dance and choreography as an art form, and in doing so, support a thriving and vigorous industry across Denmark.

A Gaze Aimed at the Audience and the Industry

It is important for Dansehallerne that we reach as many people as possible with our activities. But it is equally important to ensure that even those who do not take part in our activities maintain a positive connection to us and to our work. We have a diverse and multifaceted program of performances in which audiences may explore the various forms of expression within dance and choreography, be it at the theatre, the exhibition hall, or the school gymnasium. Every year, more than 60.000 individuals of all ages across the country get the opportunity to experience Danish and international performances.

Read more about our activities for audiences here.

Besides our audience-focused work, Dansehallerne focuses on the industry itself and on how to support the field of dance in the best possible way. By industry, we are referring to all professionals within the Danish (and global) environment of performing arts who may choose to use activities available at Dansehallerne. The purpose of our work with the industry is to create a framework for peer-to-peer mentoring and knowledge exchange, to stimulate an interdisciplinary and artistic environment, as well as provide a platform for the industry to connect. Amongst other industry-related activities, we offer daily training and workshops for professional dancers and industry events.

Read more about our industry-related activities here.

Organizational Structure

Dansehallerne is financed via grants from the Danish Ministry of Culture and the Copenhagen Municipality as well as performance sales, ticket sales, and other activities. In addition, a number of public and private funds and pools support our activities and projects.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors consists of six members: Two members appointed by the Danish Minister of Culture, two members appointed by the Danish Arts Foundation, one member appointed by Dansehallerne, and one member appointed by the Copenhagen Municipality.

Our current Board of Directors:

  • Chairperson: Merethe Eckhardt / Director of Development in the Danish Courts Agency.
  • Vice-chair: Torben Seldrup / Director of Musikhuset Esbjerg.
  • Board Member: Andreas Constantinou / Artistic Director of HIMHERANDIT.
  • Board Member: Trine Bang / Head of Content, Smukfest.
  • Employee Representative: Eva Steen Nordhagen (employee representative) / Producer at Dansehallerne.

You can find our latest annual reports here, and articles of association here. If you want access to older annual reports before 2017, you can contact Dansehallerne and get further information.