Convoi Exceptionnel

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CRAWL CRAWL CRAWL is a staged choir piece with 12 singers, experienced from the edge of a swimming pool. In a physical study of water resonance, the singers float in weightless sequences while pondering on the paradoxes of a welfare state.

CRAWL CRAWL CRAWL is a sensitivity analysis in the nature of inequality. A choreographic portrayal of the welfare state and its many flaws. The singers become a group searching for a common voice, insurgently longing for meaning. In their polyphonic strive, they uncover the imbalance that a class-based society creates.

The work is created by Convoi Exceptionnel and Jon R. Skulberg in close collaboration with composer Lil Lacy, dramaturge Astrid Hansen Holm, conductor Mathias Skaarup Sørensen, designer Kit Wan, and the vocal ensemble ENSEMBLE EDGE.

CRAWL CRAWL CRAWL is the second part of the Trilogy for Educational Spaces. This site-specific trilogy meets the audience at eye level, with rich atmospheric experiences in the setting of everyday life, away from the usual terrains of art. Convoi Exceptionnel investigates three different spaces – a gymnasium, a swimming pool, and a classroom. The performances created challenge the cultural codes of these educational spaces.

Convoi Exceptionnel is a performing arts company led by scenographer and stage director Jon R. Skulberg. With his bold vision, Skulberg orchestrates immersive sceneries, using saturated images, bodies, sounds and lights, which he imprints onto the audience to mark them with impressions and memories. Lil Lacy composes the choral work for the twelve singers from ENSEMBLE EDGE. Lil Lacy challenges the vertically standing classical singer we know from churches, stages and concert halls. Lacy is a recipient of the Léonie Sonning Talent Prize. ENSEMBLE EDGE is an Aarhus-based vocal ensemble that challenges conventions. In this work, they explore the singing body immersed in water and the architectural acoustics of the swimming pool hall. The choir conductor is Mathias Skaarup Sørensen. Kit Wan is a fashion and costume designer from Hong Kong. With textiles, he creates distinct silhouettes in a fictional and holistic expression, bringing contrast to the functional architecture of the swimming pool hall.

****** / Sceneblog: “(…) CRAWL CRAWL CRAWL er ikke blot lydligt smuk, bevægende og billedmæssigt overlegen, værket er i høj grad også et samfundskritisk værk, hvor librettoens ord og sætninger sætter spor, der breder sig som ringe i vandet. (…) Svømmehallen insisterer på at blive hørt, og Convoi Exceptionnel har med CRAWL CRAWL CRAWL skabt en unik forestilling, der i en større sammenhæng er anden del af deres Trilogi for læringsrum, men også står frem som et selvstændigt værk der insisterer på at blive hørt.”


Convoi Exceptionnel






5.28–29.2023, 22:00


1 hour


Concept, stage direction: Jon R. Skulberg. Composer: Lil Lacy. Conductor: Mathias Skaarup Sørensen. Singers: ENSEMBLE EDGE. Costume design: Kit Wan. Dramaturge: Astrid Hansen Holm. Libretto: Lil Lacy, Jon R. Skulberg, Astrid Hansen Holm. Movement coach: Kenzo Kusuda. Costume assistant: Koh Taniguchi. Producer: Nikoline Jørgensen. Production producer: Sigrid Aakvik, Signe Sandvej, Art and About. Producer ENSEMBLE EDGE: Andrea Krüger Holm. Administration: Jens Christian Jensen. International relations: Nordberg Movement. Communication: Anne Basse. Production: Convoi Exceptionnel. Co-production: Bora Bora, PASSAGE Festival, Dansehallerne. Supported by: Danish Arts Foundation, Augustinus Foundation, William Demant Foundation, The Obel Family Foundation, Wilhelm Hansen Foundation, Danish Actors`Accusation, City of Aarhus.

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