Photo Nadja Voorham

Ofelia Jarl Ortega
Bien y Mal

Stakes are high and the potential to fall too. In the piece Bien y Mal by choreographer Ofelia Jarl Ortega, five characters are facing the same fate, dealing with it in different ways.

What at first seems graspable is displaced, and becomes uncertainty. There are neither good nor bad intentions, only devotion. It’s a negotiation between fiction and factuality, naïvety and cunningness. Time is delicate, the asymmetry becomes clear as an unconditional bond takesshape. Any stance is commented upon from another place, which brings us closer to them, but not more certain about what will happen.

The five find strategies to move forward, even if they don’t have anything in common since nothing binds them, apart from what we, the audience, can unite them with. They keep us on the edge, in a breathtaking place, as our perception is trained and gets more nuanced. It’s not possible to do anything or to protect oneself, it’s an invitation to await the consequences.


Ofelia Jarl Ortega


Bien y Mal




5.16–17.2023, 20:00


1 hour 10 minutes


Dansekapellet, Bispebjerg Torv 1, 2400 København


Choreography: Ofelia Jarl Ortega in close collaboration with the performers. Performers: Ewa Dziarnowska, Gergo D. Farkas, Paolo de Venecia Gile, Dolores Hulan and Karina Villafan. Composition and sound design: Jassem Hindi. Lightdesign: Mira Svanberg. Dramaturge: Andrea Rodrigo. Costume: Erik Juvia Annerborn. Producer: Terry Johnson, (Johnson & Bergsmark). Photo: Nadja Voorham. Co-production: Arsenic – Contemporary Performing Arts Centre in Lausanne, Dansehallerne Copenhagen, Dansens Hus Stockholm, Workshop Foundation in Budapest. Residency support: DansIT Trondheim, Dansstationen Malmö, höjden studios in Stockholm, MDT in Stockholm. With support from: The Swedish Art Grants Committee, The Swedish Arts Council and Stockholms Stad.