Emilia Gasiorek, Karis Zidore
thecarrierbag festival

thecarrierbag festival 2023 is the third edition of a dance and choreography festival, that emphasizes how we gather around an artwork. It’s an ongoing artistic research between choreographer Emilia Gasiorek and choreographer/musician Karis Zidore actualized in the shape of a festival, now for the third time around. The research moves between three layers – more or less visible – that are present when experiencing an artwork; the context and conditions in which a work is made, the live situation where a work is experienced, and a work as an object in itself.

More information about the festival and the program to come.


Emilia Gasiorek, Karis Zidore


thecarrierbag festival




6.23–24.2023, 13:00


8 hours


Fabrikken for kunst og design, Sundholmsvej 46, 2300 København


Kuratorer/kunstnerisk research: Emilia Gasiorek og Karis Zidore. Producer: Marlene Bonnesen. Dramaturg: Storm Madsen Møller. Grafisk design: James RG Neville. Co-produktion: Dansehallerne. Administration: CYRK. Støttet af: Statens Kunstfond, William Demant Fonden, Roskilde Festival

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Supported by: Statens Kunstfond, William Demant Fonden, Amager Øst Lokaludvalg, Roskilde Festival og Dansehallerne