Fabio Liberti
What did i just do?

It is not the past as such that governs us, except perhaps in a biological sense. It is the images of the past, often highly structured and selected as myths. Images of the past are imprinted, almost like genetic information, on our sensitivity.
(G. Steiner)

In “What did I just do?” performer Maud Karlsson recovers her six decades of life in a detailed stream of memories, starting from her grandparents owning a pom poms factory in the 60s, to arrive to what will be the present moment in 2023. A journey in time and space, which mixes events in an overwhelming chaos of images and speed, exposing the inextricable relationship time-memory-identity-society.

To what extent do memories become part of our identity? Are we aware of their impact on our present actions? Is there such a thing as the present moment? The sentences you just read are already part of your past. Your immediate past, which still lingers in the air as if it were present, but your past nonetheless.

Choreographer Fabio Liberti has created this piece about memories in close collaboration with Maud Karlsson.

Fabio Liberti is a freelance choreographer based in Copenhagen. He graduated from Codarts Rotterdam Dance Academy in 2004. Since graduation, he has been part of dance companies in Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Denmark. Here he settled to give full time, energy and focus to choreography and to the development of his own work. Fabio Liberti’s choreographic research has been directed towards mixing different communicative elements with the aim of developing a language to discuss subjects connected to this particular social time and create what he refers to as abstract narrative works. His independent works are performed at numerous venues and festivals throughout Europe. Particularly the piece Don’t, Kiss has been presented internationally with 46 performances. Fabio’s work received several prizes, such as 1st prize and Norrdans Production Prize at RIDCC- Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition 2018 (NL); 1st prize at Skopje DansLab 2017 (NM) and 2nd prize at Solo Dance Contest in Gdansk (PL); 1st prize at the Choreographic Contest Warsaw Zawirowania Dance 2016 (PL); the Critic Award at Hannover International Choreography Competition 2014 (DE) and the 3rd prize at Copenhagen Choreography Competition 2013 (DK). He creates both independently and for dance companies such as for Skånes Dansteater (SE), Norrdans (SE), Danish Dance Theatre (DK), Dark Circles Contemporary Dance (TX), Mainfranken Theater Würzburg (DE), Landesbühnen Sachsen (DE), EDGE Dance Company (EN). In 2020 Fabio created his independent artistic association MUOVI in Copenhagen and received support for the creation of the works #ASIFILOOKEDLIKEME and As if, I have missed myself. Maud Karlsson Lima de Faria graduated from the Ballet Academy in Stockholm 1982 and began her professional career as a dancer in New York the first 11 years, primarily with the legendary choreographer Donald Byrd. 30 years later, she now works mostly with visual art, design and photography while retaining much of her expression and inspiration coming from the physical body. She is drawn to works on women’s history and female stories and is currently exhibiting a voluminous exhibition with the overall title HER STORY around Sweden. She produces – apart from exhibitions and other art work – performances, site specifics, film, events, commissioned works and talk shows through MaudsArt. Her work is supported by Uppsala municipality, the regional art councils as well as from The Swedish Arts Grants Committee. Maud Karlsson Lima de Faria – www.maudsart.se

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Fabio Liberti


What did i just do?




5.10–11.2023, 20:00


1 hour


Dansekapellet, Bispebjerg Torv 1, 2400 København


Concept and choreography: Fabio Liberti. Performer: Maud Karlsson Lima de Faria. Dramaturge: Sara Živkovič Kranjc. Builder: Fredrik Borg. Lights: David Nicolás Abad. Co-production Dansehallerne - MUOVI - MaudsArt - Dansstationen

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Research supported by Bora Bora Residency Centre (DK), Théâtre Sévelin 36 (CH), Centro per la Scena Contemporanea (IT), Zavod Flota (SI), Riksteatern-production residency (SE), Swedish Arts Grant Committee (SE), Konstnärsnämnden (SE), Uppsala Kommun (SE), Statens Kunstfond (DK) Dansstationen (DK)