Here you get an overview of the duration and fees for the various KORA performances. If your institution is part of the municipality of Copenhagen, the offer from KORA is free of charge. Read more here.

Nurseries and kindergartens

  • For ages 0-3: Interactive performances (30-45 minutes)
  • For ages 3-6: Interactive performances (45 minutes) or lab sessions (60 minutes).

In general, the artists do three performances per day in nurseries and kindergartens. Each performance welcomes approx. 15 children / max 45 children per day. The price for a full day’s visit including up to three performances in the childcares is DKK 4,500.


  • For school pupils aged 6-16: Interactive performance 90 minutes.

In general, we run two performances a day at the same school with a max. of 50 pupils per performance / approx. 100 pupils per day.

The price for a full day’s visit in the school is DKK 6,200.