For Municipalities

KORA provides your municipality with a unique opportunity for exposing children and youths aged 0-16 to dance and choreographed stage performances – in line with for example theatre, music, visual arts, and movies. In other words, you can now add dancing to the agenda of your cultural strategy, your policies for children and youths, or perhaps even an existing endeavor to amplify dance within the municipality.

KORA introduces professional dance shows to children in child-care centers and students up to the age of 16. Through a show, the children will gain a unique perspective on dance as a performing art and become part of an artistic process in which they are co-creators of the show, discover new ways for social interaction, and experience alternative forms of expression.

Here at Dansehallerne, we speak of dance as an art form, which contains a multitude of different forms and expressions within the same artistic framework. Through this framework, we can express our actions, thoughts, feelings, and consciousness. Artists often work with choreography as framework concept – as a composition of movement within time and space. Choreography provides tools from which to create movement, but also for the analysis of dancing.

In the 2021/2022 season, we have 12 companies in the KORA program – with a total of 14 performances for daycare institutions and schools. We select skilled Danish and foreign choreographers to create interactive performances for the 0-16-year-olds.

“It was amazingly organized. The dancers were highly professional. They succeeded in telling the story and include the students along the way without ever turning it into something similar to classroom teaching. Storytelling at a very high level. For the students, it was a good balance between acting as audience and participating actively in the show. Fun, exciting and unexpected.”
– Middle school teacher, Hellebækskolen, Helsingør.