In Between Concrete

In Between Concrete is an exploration of the meeting between body and material. It’s an insisting on what lies between the layers, beyond the obvious. Four wrapped bodies and their restricted  movement through space create a constant interchange between geometrical symmetry and chaos. In Between Concrete is an invitation into a meditative pocket of time where images in motion continuously appear and dissolve.

NOTICE: The preparations for the performance starts 40 minutes before the official starting time of the performance. The audience is welcome to attend this process and can go in and out. When the show starts, the doors are closed.

RISK is an artist collective consisting of Marie-Louise Stentebjerg, Marie Topp, Ida-Elisabeth Larsen and Gry Raaby; all choreographers based in Copenhagen. Over the last 6 years we have developed our collective thinking together alongside practising as solo artists and in the duo two-women-machine-show (Larsen and Stentebjerg).

Since 2009, where we held our first platform, we’ve hosted a series of events that investigate Space and Availability. It is on the one hand an interest in finding sustainable ways for the choreographic community in Denmark to share their resources, both in terms of space and research, and on the other hand, it is a place from which we draw artistic inspiration for the collectives’ and our individual practises. So far we’ve unfolded our interest through a diverse pamphlet of events such as platforms, sharing-events, writing projects, open lectures, collective moderations, mapping projects, group performances, workshops and a book publication.

These initiatives has given the collective a central position in the context of Danish choreography as hosts and facilitators of projects that reach beyond individual practises and creates space for a broader choreographic discourse.





In Between Concrete




Large Stage, Tap E