Nadja Bounenni
New Sh*t Vol. 8

At Dansehallerne we are excited to welcome you to the Spring edition of our popular recurrent platform New Sh*t – where a selected guest curator will focus on what´s new and urgent in the local choreographic scene.

As guest curator for New Sh*t Vol 8. in April 2024 we have invited the Greek/Tunesian dancer, choreographer and producer Nadja Bounenni. There will be one unique chance to experience the program of New Sh*t Vol. 8, which will be presented one time only at Dansekapellet.

More about the program and a ticket link will be revealed soon.

Guest curator Nadja Bounenni (she/her)

Nadja is a dancer, choreographer and producer from Greece/ Tunisia based in Copenhagen. Her artistic interest lies in political debates of our times and notions of reality and fiction. Her artistic practice emerges from somatic principles and rituals, based on energy conservation and zero resistance working modes. The performative universes she creates, are somewhat wacky, eccentric and quirky, always proposing a relaxed and sensuous audiencing, where the individual interpretation of the experience is encouraged.
She is a co-founder of KOMMA Performance Productions, an association running from and for self-producing artists towards crafting sustainable models for artistic work within the field of dance and choreography.

About the platform New Sh*t
Since New Sh*t was launched in 2020 the popular platform has been happening twice yearly.

With the recurring format New Sh*t, Dansehallerne checks in with what’s new in the choreographic landscape in Denmark. For each edition of New Sh*t, a younger guest curator is invited.

Photo: Joana Ellen Öhlschläger

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Nadja Bounenni


New Sh*t Vol. 8




4.25.2024, 20:00


2 hours 30 minutes


Dansekapellet, Bispebjerg Torv 1, 2400 København

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