Close Encounters – The Right to Dance

The 4th edition of Close Encounters manifests into an exhibition and performance program titled “The Right to Dance” departing from the life and work of Doug Crutchfield, a gay afro-American dancer who moved to Copenhagen in the 60s. Upon arrival, he first worked as a teacher for the George Mills Moderne Ballet Skole (1963 – 1965) to then set up his own dance school in 1965, where he developed dance classes for both the elderly and disabled children. 

Expanding on the ethos of Doug Crutchfield’s school as well as his own “move” from the US to Denmark (migration as dance), Close Encounters – The Right to Dance questions the possibilities for certain bodies and people to dance, according to societal expectations and norms, as well as the norms of dance itself. The exhibition is devised as a hybrid space between a dance school, a music shop, a stage, and a club, prompting audiences to dance, after a year and a half where social spaces where dance is made possible were closed

Close Encounters is a choreographic exhibition format that is presented by Dansehallerne in collaboration with Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art.

The artists and the program will be announced in the fall of 2021.


Close Encounters – The Right to Dance






4-6 hours


Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, Oslo Pl. 1, 2100 København


Curator: Cédric Fauq

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