Convoi Exceptionnel
For Ever Four Seasons

For Ever Four Seasons is a musical, choreographic, and existentialist work that insists on slowness. It is an act of resistance against the rapidly accelerating world. Setting the contrast, Jon R. Skulberg and Convoi Exceptionnel want to give the audience a sensuous experience, which both pleases and disturbs while posing the fundamental question: What is the role of mankind in the Anthropocene era?  

Anchoring the figures of the dancers, the conditions, and emotional states to the newly composed works of the cello duo Soma & Lil as well as the composer and sound artist Kristian Hverring, Jon R. Skulberg’s staging, scenography and light invites the audience to a series of images in the presence of slow but continual change. 

NB: Strobe lights will be used in parts of the performance. Audience minimum age is 10 years.

Nov. 29th: After the performance, Dansehallerne serves a glass.

Nov. 30th: Artist talk after the performance with Jon R. Skulberg moderated by Danjel Andersson. Duration: 25-30 min..


Convoi Exceptionnel


For Ever Four Seasons




29.–30.11.2021, 20:00


1 hour 10 minutes


Dansekapellet, Bispebjerg Torv 1, 2400 København


Production: Convoi Exceptionnel, Artistic director, concept, choreography, light & scenography: Jon R. Skulberg, Creative producer: Lene Bang, Dancer: Kenzo Kusuda, Performer: Marianna Kavallieratos, Composer & sound designer: Kristian Hverring, Composers & musicians: Soma Allpass & Lil Lacy, Costume designer: Mads Dinesen, Dramaturg: Astrid Hansen Holm, Light technician: Irene Lehtonen, Light technician, Copenhagen: Ilmari Pesonen, Scenographers assistant, Copenhagen: Olga Regitze Dyrløv Høegh, Administration: Project Center, Dansehallerne, Communication: Kirstine Bauning, Photos: Søren Kjeldgaard, Co-production: Bora Bora