Johanna Chemnitz
Dancing and composing in community

During the week of classes at Dansehallerne with Johanna Chemnitz, we ́ll be exploring different ways of dancing together in (bigger) groups. In the different sessions, after waking up our bodies with it ́s senses, we ́ll approach this through working with exercises of partnering/contact techniques for groups and structured improvisations that imply a focus on composing in community. 

When we dance with each other, we ́ve got the chance to enter a space we ́d never enter the same way on our own – how do these spaces look like, how do they feel like, how do we let them unfold? Together we ́re moving into a field of creative potential and are experiencing it, forming it: sometimes harmoniously, sometimes while struggling with each other, sometimes with estrangement, sometimes with great fun, sometimes through boredom, sometimes with enormeous fascination and a spark of magic. While dancing together, we get the chance to collaborate on a deep level and create art – together. 

We encourage you to continue looking after yourself & each other and arrive to practice with a valid corona pass.


Johanna Chemnitz


Dancing and composing in community




21.–25.2.2022, 10:00


2 hours


FORSØGSSTATIONEN, Sønder Boulevard 81, 1720 København V


Portrait credit: Judith Klingenfeld Photo credit: Candice Milon