Kristian Refslund

We have heard your wishes!
These classes are offered as an addition to the training program by Paul Pui Wo Lees Feldenkrais Live initiative. Due to this donation to the training program, there will be extra ballet classes, starting right after the morning classes week 4, 8, 10 and 13. This way you can choose between joining both or just one when it suits you best.

This will be my own take on ballet and how we can use it according to our own body and the differences we all have. Doing it by `the book` means for me to adapt it to yourself. 

So we are looking to wake up the brain and body with new coordination. Or maybe old coordination in a new way? 

It will be to warm up, to center our individual body’s alignment with the space surrounding us and to get extensions connected to our core through coordinating precision, strength and musicality. 

Studio: Zen 1

How to get there?
Zen 1 is located on third floor, please use the backstairs to access the studio. Go in via the main entrance on first floor, keep going straight ahead towards the changing rooms next to the climbing area on the first floor, open the door in the far end and go up the stairs until you arrive on the third floor. Zen 1 is through the door on your right side.

We kindly ask you to meet up 15 minutes prior to class, so there is time for “self check in” with your QR code on the ticket.

Only as a member, you can take part in Dansehallerne’s training activities – a year-round program with approximately 5 days of training per week.
This is for all professional members no matter background in dance training, and it is possible to drop in✨
International guests can also join training for free for up to 1 month.


Kristian Refslund






2.22–24.2023, 11:35


1 hour 15 minutes


Dirch Passers Allé 4, 2000 Frederiksberg


Photo credit Carl Thorborg