European Dance developement network

Dansehallerne highly values its solid and important collaboration with the European Dance Development Network (EDN), a consortium of European organizations dedicated to dance and choreography. 

All members share a common mission of strengthening the role of contemporary dance in society through more diverse, just, and sustainable models, achieved through advocacy, research, and, of course, the production of high-quality performances.

EDN serves as an umbrella mediator and international connector, currently representing 27 member countries, raising awareness about the specific nature of contemporary dance to bolster the sector’s development in Europe.

A central aspect of EDN’s work is capacity building, establishing a strong foundation for knowledge sharing. This contributes to the advancement of dance by facilitating collaboration and the exchange of experiences among the organization’s members.

Furthermore, EDN actively collaborates with organizations, networks, and stakeholders beyond the dance industry.

Collectively, the aim is to cultivate a thriving European dance scene that enriches communities and citizens by pushing boundaries. By presenting dance art that shakes and moves its audience, enchants and captivates…