Tora Balslev
An Economic Sustainable Career Path?

How to secure the economy for a professional career path when major funds tend to reject your applications? Can we find other ways to pursue an economically sustainable career path as choreographers?

Project Center has invited Tora Balslev for a shared talk where Tora will present how she has succeeded in forming an artistic economic sustainable career path with no or little funding from the major funds for many years. Tora will share her personal story and her way of finding solutions to generate the economy for her professional artistic practice.

Project Center, Priscilla S. Lind Rasmussen will facilitate the workshop. The overall aim is to create a deeper awareness of the supporting ecosystem and to inspire a new way of approaching it. Leading on from Tora’s narrative the workshop will raise awareness on the supporting ecosystem its structures and the possibilities that lie within.

Max. 20 people can join this workshop. The workshop is free for everyone.


Tora Balslev


An Economic Sustainable Career Path?




10.5.2022, 09:00


2 hours


FORSØGSSTATIONEN, Sønder Boulevard 81, 1720 København V


Photo: Oleg Stepanov