Hjalte Andersen
Vogue Femme

Vogue Fem is a freestyle battle performance created by black and latinx queer and transpeople from the New York underground scene.
It is still a very active culture, which has gotten more and more mainstream, but is still very true to its roots. In this class we will go through the 5 elements of vogue fem: Catwalk, Duckwalk, Hands Performance, Floor Performance, Spins & Dips. They serve as the basics in vogue fem and we will use them to understand the expressions of the style. Vogue is about personality, confidence, and femininity which we will explore during these classes. 

We encourage you to continue looking after yourself & each other and arrive tWe encourage you to continue looking after yourself & each other, and will no longer check corona passes at training, only your tickets;)


Hjalte Andersen


Vogue Femme




13.–17.6.2022, 09:45


1 hour 30 minutes


FORSØGSSTATIONEN, Sønder Boulevard 81, 1720 København V


Photo credit: Tobias Valentin