Four bodies merge into an intense organic universe of color, sound and dance with expressive costumes, video scenography and newly composed music. In PERCEVAL we witness the mystery of the tones and movements of the visual artist Hilma of Klint’s series “Parsifal” from 1916 and the philosophy behind it.

Animated, geometric images are projected on the dancers and the stage floor. The performance offers a physical and dynamic unfoldment in the work with layers, colors and moods. It is like looking through a prism, where the various elements are split into diverse colors and qualities through which a complex mixture of sensory impressions arises.

Choreographer Louise Mochia is fascinated by visual artist Hilma of Klint’s series “Parsifal” (1916). The myth about the seeking Grail Knight Parsifal has also been immortalized by Richard Wagner in the opera of the same name. Today, many people in our part of the world have a strong focus on identity and self-realization – as a parallel to the liberation of modern human around the year 1900. With the series, Hilma af Klint explores the theme ‘counterpoints’ as an expression of a symbolist way of thinking about modern man, his consciousness and development. A search for a place in the world. And it’s a theme that is very relevant for us today.

In 2021 Louise Mochia founded SITKA LOUISA and is the artistic director of the company, based in Copenhagen (DK). Her relationship to movement is ever deepening through her continuing interest in abstract art & dance, choreography and somatic practices & modalities. SITKA LOUISA creates their first full length dance work PERCEVAL in 2022. Read more here

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12.7–9.2022, 19:30


1 hour


Valby Kulturhus, Valgårdsvej 4, 2500 København


Choreographer: Louise Mochia (DK), Dancers: Zen Jefferson (DE/USA), Meleat Fredriksson (DK/SE), Adam Seid Tahir (SE), and Nikoline Due (DK), Composers: Stine Steendorph (DK) and Sven Dam Meinild (DK), Digital visual artist/scenographer: My Lambertsen/SLØR (DK), Light designer: Christoffer Lloyd (SE), Costume designer: Elisabet Stamm (DK), Photographer: Ville Vidø (DK), Co-produced 2022 by Bora-Bora - Dance and Visual Theatre and Dansehallerne.

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