With a soft rhythm, four dancers in fluid movement melt into a multi textured entity composed of dance, light, colour and soundscape. In Perceval, we see the sensorial elements before us fragmenting and regrouping into various constellations and mixtures. In delicate costumes, the dancers fold and unfold, they spiral into and out of each other, warping time as they make the space breathe. They arrive at the base from where everything can happen and they each find their way.  

The inspirational source of the performance is taken from the image series by Hilma af Klint titled Parsifal from 1916. Beginning with a dark spiral, the series spans 144 paintings, exploring different levels of consciousness in a narrative about an I and a world without separation.

There are several references in this artwork and one is a reference to the story of Parsifal and the grail myth. The sequenced mythical row of pictures inspired choreographer Louise Mochia into loosely examining it as a visual score, curious to see what the series with its themes could tell us today. In Parsifal, Hilma af Klint works with what emerges from and moves between polarities. The title Perceval (“through this valley”) indicates an incessable movement of something hard absorbing something soft and vice versa. The work appeals to the present with its longing for meaning and connection in a still more complex world.

In 2021 Louise Mochia founded SITKA LOUISA, based in Copenhagen (DK). Mochia’s relationship to movement is ever deepening through her strong interest in abstract art, dance, choreography, and somatic practices and modalities. SITKA LOUISA created her first full length dance work Perceval in 2022. Read more here dance Nikoline Due (she/her) graduated from Contemporary Dance School Hamburg in 2017. Since then, she has worked with a wide variety of choreographers/companies like Danish Dance Theatre, WangRamirez, Deleón Company, Thomas Bentin, Holstebro Dansekompagni, among others. Zen Jefferson (he/they) is a Black & Queer multinational performer, DJ & NY Bessie nominated sound collage artist based in Berlin. Zen’s collaborations and practice explore the intersections of cultural and spiritual expansion within performance and ritual – exploring themes of intimacy, race, community & sound as a transformative vessel for connection and healing. Meleat Fredriksson (she/her) is a dancer and choreographer based in Copenhagen. She likes to create embodied situations where multi-layered meaning and emotions emerge. Her experience ranges from dancing in and creating dance performances for stage, schools and exhibition halls to teaching workshops and organizing events. Her work has been shown at festivals such as Hong Kong International Choreography Festival, Dubrovnik Summer Festival and My Wild Flag amongst others. Adam Seid Tahir (he/she/they) is an Eritrean-Swedish dancer, choreographer and web-developer based in Stockholm. Their work encompasses dancing, performing, choreographing, writing, coding and creating work for physical platforms and cyberspace. They have trained at the Royal Swedish Ballet School and Ballet Junior de Geneve in Switzerland and have performed work by/worked with choreographers like Sharon Eyal, Hofesh Shechter, Emanuel Gat, Alexander Ekman, Thomas Hauert, Olivier Dubois, Michael Keegan Dolan, Paloma Madrid, Pontus Pettersson, Frédéric Gies. choreography Louise Mochia (she/her) is a Danish dancer & choreographer. After finishing a bachelor’s degree at London Contemporary Dance School (2006-2009), Louise continued to live and work in London (2009-2014), performing and touring internationally with the Fabulous Beast Dance Theatre Company (IRL). She has lived and worked in Berlin (2014-2018) and is now based in Copenhagen (DK). Her relationship to movement is ever deepening through her continuing interest in abstract art & dance. In 2021 Louise Mochia founded SITKA LOUISA and is the artistic director of the company. lights Christoffer Lloyd (he/him) is a lighting and video designer who since 2016 has been working in the fields of contemporary art and dance music, theatre and dance. Interested in the contrasts between the real and the artificial, the spatial and the constructed. He is based in Stockholm and graduated from Stockholm University of the Arts in 2022 with a BFA in lighting design. video My Lambertsen/SLØR (she/her) is an audiovisual artist, a vocalist and a performer with a strong preference for collaborating cross aesthetic borders. She graduated from Malmö Universitet as Performing Arts Designer. SLØR creates living images in real time, and in symbiosis with music and performing arts. By exploring physical materials, objects, light, shadow and movement, she creates visual abstractions and micro-macro universes.

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12.7–9.2022, 19:30


1 hour


Valby Kulturhus, Valgårdsvej 4, 2500 København


Choreographer: Louise Mochia (DK), Dancers: Zen Jefferson (DE/USA), Meleat Fredriksson (DK/SE), Adam Seid Tahir (SE), and Nikoline Due (DK), Composers: Stine Steendorph (DK) and Sven Dam Meinild (DK), Digital visual artist/scenographer: My Lambertsen/SLØR (DK), Light designer: Christoffer Lloyd (SE), Costume designer: Elisabet Stamm (DK), Photographer: Ville Vidø (DK) and Christoffer Brekne (DK/NO), Co-produced 2022 by Bora-Bora - Dance and Visual Theatre and Dansehallerne.

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Perceval trailer by Christoffer Brekne

We wish to thank: Jesper Linkis, Karen Linkis, Morten Klinkvort, Vera Koppehel, Gitte Tandrup, Jouni Järvenpää, Rachel Tess, Benoît Lachambre, Ulla Gad, Kasper Egelund, Marie Keiser-Nielsen, and Susanne Martman.