Hilde Ingeborg Sandvold

A choreographic work about the experience of stress and how it affects us mentally and physically. The lack of contact with one’s body. The feeling of losing oneself and becoming a passive spectator to the outside world. The sensation that everything is grey, and you are caught in an apathetic, numb body in a state of stress. Whose arms are growing out of my shoulders?
The audience is invited into a space where the dancing body and music are intertwined into an intense introspection of the flesh – confronted with a body that gradually breaks the cycle between excitement and collapse.

“I once crossed the Atlantic 4 times in 10 days. I woke up in a bed, not knowing where I was, dizzy, with nausea. My feet were far away from my head and my guts still hovered over the sea. Since that kind of thing started happening to me and to those around me, I’ve been preoccupied with one of the most common problems of our time: Stress.”
– Choreographer Hilde Ingeborg Sandvold

Hilde Ingeborg Sandvold (NO/DK) is based in Denmark and has become an essential part of the Danish dance scene with her strong uncompromising expression and willingness to share her artistic ideas. Hilde has created several solo works and has toured at home and abroad. GRÅTT is Hilde’s first own major production. The performance is created as an extension of Hilde’s successful solo “DANS, FOR SATAN”, which has given her international recognition and been shown in 11 countries, selected for the acclaimed European platform Aerowaves and ICE HOT Nordic Dance Platform 2018. Hilde graduated from the Danish National School of Performing Arts, Copenhagen in 2013. www.hildeisandvold.com


Hilde Ingeborg Sandvold








1 hour


Dansekapellet, Bispebjerg Torv 1, 2400 København


Choreographer and dancer / Hilde Ingeborg Sandvold (NO/DK), Composer / Bernt Isak Wærstad (NO), Dancer / Niklas Valenti (SE/IT), Scenography / KASPERSOPHIE (DK), Lightdesign / Seth Rook Williams (UK) Dramaturg / Thomas Schaupp (DE), Photo: Christoffer Brekne (DK), Premiere / Bora Bora, Århus September 21st 2021, Co-produced by / Bora Bora, Århus and Dansehallerne, Copenhagen, Residencies / DiG (NO), Theatre Sevelin 36 (CH), CSC (IT), Studio303 (CA), The performance is supported by / Danish Art Foundation, Danish Actors´ Association, Augustinus Fonden, Bikubenfonden, Knud Højgaard Fonden.

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