Close Encounters
Embodied Journeys

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It is with great pleasure that Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art and Dansehallerne open the doors to the fifth edition of Close Encounters June 6th – 10th, 2023. This edition of Close Encounters will be curated by choreographer and dancer Julienne Doko (FR/CAR/DK).

This year’s Close Encounters is entitled Journeys – a choreographic exhibition which brings together performers, visual artists and dancers in a presentation of reflections on internal and external views of the black body.

A unique choreographic exhibition

Close Encounters is a unique choreographic exhibition that unites visual art, dance and performance. For each issue of Close Encounters, we present a new angle on the fruitful relationship between contemporary art and choreography. Today, choreographers are increasingly invited into the platforms of museums and galleries, because the boundary between choreography and visual art has never been more fluid.

The year 2020 (#blacklifematters) was marked by a showdown with social and racial injustice in many countries, including Denmark. Since then, there has been a greater focus on the importance of allowing non-dominant voices and narratives to be heard. Julienne Doko will invite Danish-based pan-African/Afro-European artists to produce works that, through dance, performance and installation art, examine their identity as one of the “others” in Denmark and give us an expanded perspective on Danishness.

The final program and contributing artists will be made public at the beginning of 2023.

Julienne Doko is a French dance performer, teacher and choreographer with roots in the Central African Republic, based in Denmark. In her dance practice, Julienne explores connections between different dance styles and uses contemporary dance as a space of hybridisation, a vehicle for synergy between dance techniques and expressions. Her movement and dramaturgical line take inspiration from her homelands and the journeys she has taken in between. Julienne has performed internationally with a number of companies, in festivals, TV shows and in musicals.


Close Encounters


Embodied Journeys


Exhibition, Performance


  • 6.6.2023, 17:00
  • 6.7.2023, 12:00
  • 6.8.2023, 12:00
  • 6.9.2023, 12:00
  • 6.10.2023, 12:00


6-10 hours


Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, Oslo Pl. 1, 2100 København


Curator: Julienne Doko (DK/FR/CAR)

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