Sara Jordan
Find Holger og Helga

Find Holger og Helga is an interactive dance performance for children between 3 – 6 years and their parents.

To catchy beats, “Find Holger and Helga” is an engaging and interactive site-specific dance performance that invites the children to participate and play with the dancers.
It is inclusive and educational for the children to be able to feel movement on their own bodies and become part of the performance.

Slow motion racing where the finish line feels like it will never come, or is it just a clever way to stretch the performance and make us all question the concept of time.
Through dance games, the children experience the joy of moving together, regardless of age or dance skills. It is both fun and stimulating to imitate the dancers and explore and experience the dance in their own way.

Sara Jordan’s interdisciplinary artistic and through her work as a choreographer, film photographer, and creative director, Jordan has created a space for marginalized voices to be heard and celebrated. Her achievements across festivals and international engagements showcase the impact she has made on the dance and film industries.
Sara Jordan has served as the artistic director and founder for Detour Dance Festival since 2012. This role showcases her commitment to fostering and promoting street and club dance by providing a platform for emerging artists and diverse voices in the field. Sara Jordan´s work has been invited by Assitej
to the Shanghai International Arts Festival as a representative of Denmark, showcasing her dance performance “E Boy.” This recognition demonstrates her international acclaim and the significance of her artistic contributions.
Jordan’s talent and impact have earned her prestigious film awards, including accolades from the Svensk International Dance Film Festival – Streetstar and HHRF. Her documentary film, “Dans(k),” won Best Documentary Film at the Chroma International Film Festival in Ireland and the Art Blocks Film Festival in Copenhagen. Jordan’s films have been selected for screenings at various renowned events, including the Dance Film Nights at Copenhagen Summer Dance, Stockholm City Film Festival, Helsinki Education Film Festival International, African Human Rights Film Festival, and Cinemateket Danish film institute.

Nana Holm
( Kommer )

Hector Frisken
( Kommer )

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Sara Jordan


Find Holger og Helga


Children & Family, Performance


  • 10.21.2023, 10:00
  • 10.21.2023, 13:00
  • 10.22.2023, 10:00
  • 10.22.2023, 13:00


40 minutes


Valby Kulturhus, Valgårdsvej 4, 2500 København


Concept, Choreography: Sara Jordan in collaboration with dancers: Hector Frisken, Nana Holm Video og foto: Sara Jordan Video trailer Sara Jordan, dancers: Julie Kunz, Nana Holm KORAL festival is supported by Danish Arts Foundation.

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