The Project Center

For professional artists who need counseling or project administration

We are a specialized, counseling, and administrative service under Dansehallerne. Our service is independent of the curated program of Dansehallerne. We give priority to diversity in genres and artistic quality, and our services are aimed at artists with professional skills in either dancing or choreography.  

With our in-depth knowledge of the professional field of dancing and choreography, we help artists develop and realize their ideas and projects. We provide 1-to-1 feedback, organize workshops, open-source, and networks. By qualifying ideas and giving advice, we help provide sustainable careers for both newly educated and experienced artists. 


Are you looking to raise funds for an artistic project? At the Project Center, you can receive free and impartial advice on how to apply for project fundings. Having a good idea is not always enough, which is why we offer guidance, feedback, or consultation in the following areas:

  • Project Application: Ideas, public relevance, financial and sustainable resource distribution, target audience and potential outlets.
  • Budget planning.
  • Financial planning.
  • We can offer guidance on where to apply for funding – and how.
  • We can provide information on private funds and scholarships, as well as publicly administered pools.
  • Conceptualization of a sustainable career as a self-producing artist.

Do you want counseling?

When you contact us about counseling, we ask you to briefly describe your needs and level of experience as well as provide a project application, budget, and any other relevant material.


Have you already received fundings for an artistic project? The Project Center can handle the administration of your project in return for 5% of your total funding. The Project Center can house 40 projects annually, and we handle a number of tasks related to the financial aspects of your project.


  • Draw up contracts for individuals participating in the project.
  • Provide advice on employee responsibilities – good project management.
  • Pay out salaries.
  • Pay your tax and VAT.
  • Pay your invoices etc.
  • Keep track of you project finances.
  • Make the accounts.
  • Communicate with and report to those who granted your funding.
  • Any other administrative tasks.

Do you wish to apply for project administration?

We need some information from you to assess whether you qualify for project administration. Therefore, please enclose the following documents in your application:

Project description, budget, financial plan as well as CV/level of experience (of the artistic head of the project).


Our overall vision is to strengthen the position and representation of dance in Denmark, specifically by supporting the professional work of the artist and by contributing to the development of dance and choreography as sustainable career choices.

Through our counseling and administrative services, we wish to equip the artists with the tools needed for optimum use of their resources and artistic results. This means that we will provide a service which gives the artists the tools necessary for them to succeed with their projects and be able to sustain themselves in the long term without our support. Our methods include skills development, network facilitation, knowledge sharing, and the conceptualization of a sustainable model for their artistic work.


In our work to support artists in developing sustainable careers, we collaborate with relevant industry actors and have also entered into a specific strategic partnership. The purpose is to strengthen the foundation for self-producing artists and create a qualitative and professional framework for the productions.

Our circle of partners is made up of: The Project Center, the Danish Actor’s Association, the unemployment insurance fund FTFa as well as the Danish National School of Performing Arts.