The Project Center

The Project Center will be downgraded as of 1 April 2023 to exclusively provide advisory services and workshops. As of 30 June 2023, the Project Center will close permanently. The shutdown is considered an effect of the new reality for experienced dancers and choreographers as well as the industry’s ecosystem in general, which calls for new measures. If you are currently managed by the project center, you have received direct notification of further progress by email.


In the Project Center, you can get free impartial counseling and knowledge on how to fundraise funds for an artistic project or production. We can help your idea on its way to a realizable project. Our expertise lies within project maturation, strategic fundraising, budgeting, production, financial sustainability, guidance and advice as well as stakeholder management.


Our overall vision is to strengthen the position and representation of dance in Denmark, specifically by supporting the professional work of the artist and by contributing to the development of dance and choreography as sustainable career choices.


In our work to support artists in developing sustainable careers, we collaborate with relevant industry actors and have also entered into a specific strategic partnership. The purpose is to strengthen the foundation for self-producing artists and create a qualitative and professional framework for the productions.

Our circle of partners is made up of: The Project Center, the Danish Actor’s Association, the unemployment insurance fund FTFa as well as the Danish National School of Performing Arts.