New European Dance Award

SEDA – Salavisa European Dance Award, brought about by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, together with several European cultural institutions, among them Dansehallerne, is established to honor Jorge Salavisa.

Established in 2023 to honor the legacy of Jorge Salavisa (1939-2020) – Portuguese dancer, teacher and artistic director – the Salavisa European Dance Award (SEDA) will be granted to artists from any part of the world who demonstrate talent or special qualities that transcend their own biotope and national borders.
The Salavisa European Dance Award is worth 150 thousand euros!

SEDA is an incentive for young artists, beyond a strictly defined age category, who are lesser known in the dance canon due to their artistic discourse or social and cultural origins.
Seven European cultural institutions are partners in establishing the Prize. They will actively participate in the nomination of candidate artists (three per institution) and in the public presentation of the winner work:

• Biennale de la Danse/Maison de la Danse, Lyon, France
• Dansehallerne, Copenhagen, Denmark
• Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal
• ImPulsTanz, Vienna, Austria
• Joint Adventures, Munich, Germany
• K.V.S., Brussels, Belgium
• Sadler’s Wells, London, United Kingdom

The Kees Eijrond Foundation, whose founder was a great friend of Jorge Salavisa and a promoter of SEDA, is also a partner.

About the prize
The winner will be selected, out of a maximum of 21 nominees (three from each of the partner institutions), by an international jury.
The Prize, worth €150,000, will be awarded every two years.
The first award ceremony will take place on the 27th November, 2024, at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, in Lisbon, Portugal.