For schools

KORA offers your school a unique opportunity for including dance in the everyday life of your students. They will gain an insight into dance as an art form and experience partaking in the creative process as co-creators of the performance. They will discover new ways for social participation and experience alternative options for expressing themselves.

Registering for the KORA program typically happens through the municipality. For further information on price and registration, please contact your local municipality and ask to be put in touch with, for example, the child counselor or the Open School counselor.

You can read more about the individual dance companies and their performances here [link]

“To select a performance in which the students, besides experiencing professional dancing up front, experience being participants in the performance as well as co-creators is brilliant. The interaction between performance and participation was sublime. The little stories included were at a level that the students could easily relate to – so their focus was on the experience rather than on interpreting the stories. The children are able to refer to many parts of the stories, and they remember a lot from the dance performance, particularly the part in which they were co-creators.”
– Primary school teacher, Kalundborg

If you wish to know more about the immense benefits of introducing children to dance, you can watch this brief interview with Paul Collard, Head of the international charity foundation Creativity, Culture and Education (CCE).

See the full interview here:  LINK