For Nurseries and Kindergartens

With KORA – dance for the youngest children you will have visits from professional dancers who guide the children through dance activities focusing on aesthetic processes, playfulness, and creativity. A playful visit that emphasizes the joy of movement to both the children and adults and supports togetherness in the group. The projects’ choice of activities supports the development of movement cultures in nurseries and kindergartens.

“It was magical to experience how the children absorbed dance into their body language. Without words, they immersed themselves in a journey through different sound universes. As a kindergarten teacher, it was inspiring to see how you can create a shared space and follow each other’s initiatives almost completely without verbal communication.”

Kindergarten teacher, Sankt Johannesgårdens Kindergarten, Copenhagen.

In Dansehallerne, we speak of dance as an art form, which contains a multitude of different forms and expressions within an artistic framework. Through this framework, we can express our actions, thoughts, feelings, and consciousness. Artists often work with choreography as a framework concept – as a composition of movement within time and space. Choreography provides tools from which to create movement, and for the analysis of dance.