Arnaud Deprez
Breaking and floorwork

For the workshop, Arnaud would like to share foundations of breaking and floorwork, in different elements and levels, from top rock – Go downs – footworks – threads – Floorwork – backrock –  to freeze / And develop some concepts like levels, directions, threads, dead legs and Arnaud’s favorite concept: Transitions.

This workshop is also focus on the mindset of the dancer, motivational and inspirational, Arnaud will share training concepts and keys for the dancers to keep improve.
The workshop is open to every dancer who love breaking,  Floor work and any style you have. The goal is to share the bests concepts of breaking that can be used for any other style. Arnaud will work with «atelier» and choreo Variation.


Arnaud Deprez


Breaking and floorwork




9.26–30.2022, 10:00


1 hour 30 minutes


To be announced.

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