Detour Dance Festival, Thomas Talawa Prestø
Talawa technique training and decolonizing dance lecture

Tuesday 16th 7-9PM:
Don’t Drink Bush Tea for Someone elses Fever- Decoloniality Dance and Cosmocentric Technique
A lecture looking at dance practice and technique from a decolonial perspective centering on practices from Africa and the Caribbean.

Wednesday-Thursday 17-18th 12-3PM:
Workshop Talawa Technique
A Talawa Technique Master Class focusing on mastering body isolations, polycentric movement and polyrythms all with a Caribbean flair.

This workshop and performance lecture is co-produced by Dansehallerne and initiated/ curated in collaboration with Detour festival.
We encourage you to join both lecture and workshop. This ticket gives you access to all three days!

Artistic Director & Master instructor Thomas Talawa Prestø, assisted by dancer Michelle Luciano.

Tabanka Dance Ensemble provides audiences with an exclusive experience of expertly produced high-quality, contemporary dance work, which makes full use of the rhythm, vitality, culture and audience engagement practices of Africa and the Diaspora. Tabanka is firmly planted in the intersection between ground-breaking performance, artist development, education, community & youth engagement. Tabanka is internationally known as the seat of the Talawa Technique™, one of few fully codified African and Caribbean dance techniques.

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Detour Dance Festival, Thomas Talawa Prestø


Talawa technique training and decolonizing dance lecture


Peer to Peer, Training, Workshop


  • 8.16.2022, 19:00
  • 8.17.2022, 12:00
  • 8.18.2022, 12:00


2-3 hours


Dansekapellet, Bispebjerg Torv 1, 2400 København


Foto credit: Sigrun Drivdal Johnsen Credit samarbetspartner: Detour Festival

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