Marie Kaae

This week’s class will begin with a great focus on Footwork Technique which is fundamental to the dance language of House dance. Coordination and variations of steps closely connected to rhythm-work, weight management and groove is practiced through repetition with the purpose of moving from mind to body memory.  

The participants are introduced to methods for practising the technique, so that the final intention of Freestyling/improvising can be explored during the last 2 days of the week.  Dancers new to the style will need to be present for the first part of the week to benefit from the final days of classes. Dancers already familiar with House dance vocabulary may join from mid week on.

We will be working with a 360 degree awareness as House is commonly practiced in a Cypher. Participants will be challenged to apply direction, level changes (including light floor work), use of space, rhythm- and tempo variations. The final two days of the week, we will focus on the exchange with the other participants. The freedom of expression (of music and emotions) is the joy we reach for through exploring House as a social dance and a conversation between the participants.

Be willing to sweat and bring sneakers/running shoes.

Marie Kaae is an internationally known performer and educator with over 20 years of experience. She earned her ‘dues’ representing in the battle culture – that is the authentic forum of the style in modern times – and through anchoring her practice in the cultural life of afro-american and afro-european club culture. She has studied with the Afroamerican and European Pioneers of the style and is a part of a new generation of House dancer’s that are leading the style towards new expressions.  She has worked as an interpreting dancer in theatres all over the world interacting with the contemporary dance world.

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Marie Kaae






9.12–16.2022, 10:00


1 hour 30 minutes


To be announced.


photo Credit: Barbara Kaja Kaniewska & Louis-Adrien Le Blay

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