Anna Stamp
Connecting Mind and Body

The class’s frame builds upon improvisation.
Through guided improvisation, we will wake up our bodies from the inside out. We will open up our imagination and welcome different images and sensations to create sensitivity and energy for our bodies to move. Hopefully, we can let go and allow new creativity to flow and find our bodies in new curiosity and surprise ourselves.

We encourage you to continue looking after yourself & each other and arrive at practice with a valid corona pass.

Anna Stamp has always taught workshops and different classes through her journey as a dance artist. She graduated in 2014 with a BA in modern dance from Dance Works in Berlin thereafter she joined the Shechter II Company (2015). Anna was from 2017-2020 a part of Black Box Dance Company in Denmark. She has worked with different choreographers: Ben Wright, Jason Mabana, Tina Tarpgård, Marie Brolin-Tani, Sita Ostheimer, and Kristján Ingimarsson among many others. As a choreographer, Anna has created commissioned dance pieces for Oure Youth-Company in Denmark and Oulu Youth- Company in Finland.


Anna Stamp


Connecting Mind and Body




11.29 – 12.3.2021


1 hour 30 minutes


To be announced.

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