Sarah Lee Armstrong

Origins approached through somatic and improvisational exploration, contemporary dance technique, and investigations on liminal states of (dis)orientation. The class aims to move from the support of the inner and outer landscapes of origin – nature. Classes are accompanied by Sanna Blennow, who will shower the space with vibrational hymns. Through ritualistic and meditative soundscapes, we will move from our organs, bones, and cellular consciousness and from interconnected ph(r)ases of moon, darkness, and breath.

The class is a melting pot into Sarah Lee Armstrong’s choreographic practice and honors the knowledge of practitioners such as; Gill Clarke (Experiential Anatomy), Debrah Hay (on cellular wisdom), Adrienne Maree Brown (activism, self-care, and somatics), and the lineage of nordic witches.

We encourage you to continue looking after yourself & each other and arrive at practice with a valid coronapass.

Sarah Lee Armstrong is an independent choreographer and professional dancer working within the socio-cultural and political sphere of the body, the liminality of motion, visual arts, dance and performance and from the somatic, choreographic and corporeal conduct of magic, ritual and nordic pagan lineage. Her recent works deals with the inner and outer landscapes of origin -the experiential anatomy, physiology and the somatics of landscape. Investigating the choreographic vocabulary in relation to nature, occultism and manifestation.


Sarah Lee Armstrong








1 hour 30 minutes


To be announced.


Anders Nydam

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