Birgitte Skands
Alterity in Contemporary Dance

These classes have a main body build on modern dance, afro-jazz, and different forms of sprouting branches of Afro Caribbean contemporary styles. Birgitte will teach with an emphasis and commitment to the full-body movement, musicality, and the art of making changes in and off the movement you create, all while listening to the body and rhythm that emphasize the use of space and timing. The class starts with a warm-up by connecting to the sensual and rippling movement of the spine, preparing for phrases across the floor, and more. In the end, you will do a cool-down practice. The goal is to reawakening ways of moving that might lay unknowingly beneath your feet. The class will encourage in a generous and gentle manner while pushing the individual to dare to take space up with vigor and boundless dancing. The class will be held with live music & a hot playlist.

We encourage you to continue looking after yourself & each other and arrive to practice with a valid corona pass.

Birgitte Skands (DK) Birgitte’s teaching is highly influenced and shaped by a light and gentle approach to the body, that was the root of her training at The Juilliard School and career around the world (Europe, USA, West Africa, Brazil etc.) Birgitte also holds a master in pedagogical philosophy that inevitably has shaped her way of teaching and engaging with the class and participants. Over the week she will be sharing the embodied knowledge and experience that has been lived and collected over 40 years of dancing, performing, creating, studying and teaching.


Birgitte Skands


Alterity in Contemporary Dance






1 hour 30 minutes


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