Anna Grip
…And then what…

The aim of the class is to work with a specific machinery in order to put it in motion.

This class is based on the themes falling, pressing and the wiring and the question …and then what….

The class starts lying down and is followed by exercises by a wall. The floor and the wall are used to practice the above-mentioned principles a.o and will work as co-workers during the first part of the class.

Short movement phrases across the floor will follow after the work by the wall.

We encourage you to continue looking after yourself & each other and arrive at practice with a valid corona pass.

Anna Grip has been teaching for 40 years in institutions and educations as well as in the independent dance field. She has also worked as a choreographer assistant, dance coach, artistic director, senior lecturer and school leader, and has also been a member of several boards within the cultural sector. Apart from teaching at different constellations, Anna Grip is from 1 jan 2014 working at the choreographic platform ccap under the direction of Cristina Caprioli.


Anna Grip


…And then what…






1 hour 30 minutes


To be announced.


Urban Jörén

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