Marga Alfeirao
In the zone: relying on erotics to exercise patience

This workshop offers a site to deconstruct your movement vocabulary, to watch others going through it and to allow being witnessed in the process. Following a typical class format with a warm-up and intense physical movement, the pace slows down and the amplitude gets minimal as we proceed.The participants will understand the basics of wining solo and tarraxo together – what you are invited to watch or offered to see. Building togetherness by dancing for each other. It is a dance workshop and an exercise for the gaze of those who watch and are being watched.

How to get there?
Walk 13 minutes from Vanløse Metro to Warehouse9’s new premises at Rosenlunds Allé 5, 2720 Copenhagen.

Accessibility requires a little extra preparation. The studio is equipped for wheelchair users, and it is possible to use the elevator for access to the toilets.
We kindly ask you to arrive 15 minutes before the class, so there is time for warming up and checking in with your QR code on the ticket:)

These classes are a collaboration between Warehouse9 and Dansehallerne.
You can participate through Warehouse9 or as a member of Dansehallerne.
This is for all professional members regardless of background in dance training, and we recommend participating all three days.

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Marga Alfeirao


In the zone: relying on erotics to exercise patience




4.2–4.2024, 10:00


2 hours 30 minutes


Rosenlunds Allé 5 Baghuset 2720 Vanløse Copenhagen

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