Beck Heiberg
The Conceptual Body

In Becks practice the body is always the holding space and the developing space for the idea and in this class he will share my methods on how he let concepts move from the mind to the body. With the body we will disrupt the flow to understand the flow better. We will find opposing movement qualities to disover completely new qualities in between the two. We will let movement grow and shrink to allow our bodies to understand the movement better. Beck use techniques that are based in club styles of dancing, but welcome all dance backgrounds in my training.

The classes are held at KU.BE, Dirch Passers Allé 4, 2000 Frederiksberg in studio: Zen 1.

How to get there?
Zen 1 is located on third floor, please use the backstairs to access the studio.
Go in via the main entrance on first floor, keep going straight ahead towards the changing rooms next to the climbing area on the first floor, open the door in the far end and go up the stairs until you arrive on the third floor. Zen 1 is through the door on your right side.

Accessibility requires a little extra preparation. The studios are equipped for wheelchair users. It is possible to use the lift for access up to the 3rd floor. If you wish to use this, please let us know in advance, as the studio you have to go through via the lift is sometimes booked.
We kindly ask you to meet up 15 minutes prior to class, so there is time for “self check in” with your QR code on the ticket.

Only as a member, you can take part in Dansehallerne’s training activities – a year-round program with approximately 5 days of training per week. This is for all professional members no matter background in dance training, and it is possible to drop in✨ International guests can also join training for free for up to 1 month.

Beck Heiberg is a choreographer and performer with a BA in Theatre and Performance Studies from Copenhagen University. He is furthermore educated at Hotstepper in Copenhagen, Denmark and Juste Debout School in Paris, France. Between 2014 and 2019 he lived and worked In New York City. Beck is investigating queer- and transpolitical aesthetics as both an explicit and implicit part of his praxis. He works in a broad field of theatre and performance, but his own original work derives from building concepts up around movement and is often related to personal experiences. He is often attracted to the opposites, by letting them co-exist and form new spaces and languages within the body. Beck is a member of Dance Cooperative – a platform and workspace for intersectional feminist and artistic choreographic practices in Copenhagen. Beck is furthermore an associated artist with Warehouse9 – a multidisciplinary arts organisation that supports the development and presentation of work and ideas by LGBTQIA+ artists and cultural practitioners.

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Beck Heiberg


The Conceptual Body




4.22–25.2024, 10:00


2 hours


Dirch Passers Allé 4, 2000 Frederiksberg


Cred. Benedicte Ramfjord and Lærke Hagemann

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