Kitt Johnson

THE SITE-SPECIFIC CHALLENGE- Workshop with Kitt Johnson
This laboratory is based on Kitt Johnson’s work with the site-specific concept MELLEMRUM (Site-specific understood as art created with and for non-conventional art spaces). A concept she has been working with since 2008.
With point of departure in the specific mapping practice that has been developed for MELLEMRUM: THE WALK, THE TALK, THE ARCHIVE DIVE, we will develop concepts, drafts and strategies for works, that specifically relate to a given area.

The workshop is offered in collaboration with the Danish National School of Performing Arts- further education and Limfjordsteatret, initiated by Stisa Søgaard.

We will discuss the ethical responsibility related to the creation and presentation of art in non-conventional art spaces. We will work with actual, as well as fictive spaces, and basic phenomenological mapping. We will let ourselves be moved by the space. We will challenge it. We will shift it around and bring it into new contexts. Indoors, as well as outdoors. All types of formats are welcome!

The workshop is directed at performing- and visual artists, and others who are curious of the site specific.

March 23-25, 2023.
Thursday at 13.00-16.00
Friday at 9.00-15.30
Saturday at 10.00-17.30

Address studio:
Kitt Johnson X- act studio
Struenseegade 15A, 3. th.
2200 København

Members of the Dansehallerne can reserve a place at the workshop on the DDSKS website for 50% of the course fee (first come, first served), and find further information here via the Dansehallerne website. If you are not a member, you can also apply for participation at DDSKS here. Deadline for registration is 9th of February.

Danish performer, choreographer and artistic director Kitt Johnson is one of the most recognized artists on the Danish dance and performance scene. For decades she has been celebrated for her cutting-edge, visionary approach to the art form, and with her iconic performances Kitt has spellbound audiences around the world. Her work is characterized by an extreme body control and a unique feel for simple but effective stage effects, and she uses these effects to create intense, physical and visual transformations that explore the deepest layers of human existence. Her trademark is solo performance, but her repertoire also includes ensemble works, New Circus, site-specific work and productions designed for children. With her company Kitt Johnson X-act, she also organizes and curates performance festivals, including the site-specific concept MELLEMRUM and the international new circus biennale Copenhagen Circus Arts Festival / C!CAF.


Kitt Johnson






  • 3.23.2023, 13:00
  • 3.24.2023, 09:00
  • 3.25.2023, 10:00


3 hours-7 hours 30 minutes


Kitt Johnson X-act, Struenseegade 15A, 3rd floor 2200 Copenhagen N Denmark


Photo credit: Ao leong Mike, Per Morten Abrahamsen Tiger 22, photo Ping Hsu

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