Lucas Kruse Kristiansen
Floor Frames

Floor frames is a physical dance method where one can expect to work highly physically with floor work elements through contemporary dance. We will work with both basics on the floor as well as acrobatic elements within the work. The class is built up with improvisational elements and both work on the floor and off the floor.
Floor frames is a work where we frame the floor with our body.
We imagine the floor as a painting and we use the body as the artist. It is a way to understand how to use the body on the floor and in movement through flow, strength, flexibility and movement phrases.
You will be working on finding a new way for yourself to move with and on the floor. Through guided exercises and phrases you will be able to challenge yourself in high physicality, movement understanding and new flow and understandings.

Only as a member, you can take part in Dansehallerne’s training activities – a year-round program with approximately 5 days of training per week. International guests can also join training for free for up to 1 month.

Lucas Kruse Kristiansen graduated in contemporary dance from CDSH – Contemporary Dance School Hamburg in 2019. Since then Lucas has worked with companies such as Hamburg Dance Company and has developed a dance project called “dancingbeasts” which has performed internationally in Germany, Denmark and India. Now Lucas is based in Aarhus and works in Bangalore, India where he returns to teach at the Attakkalari Centre of Movement Arts and choreograph for their post graduate company. Now he is evolving his practice and continuing the research both as a choreographer, teacher and performer. In 2018 Lucas started the research of the teaching methods of “floor frames” which he has taught internationally in Mexico, India, Germany and Denmark which contains methods of framing the floor through movement and with influences from his choreographic work both with dancingbeasts and independently.


Lucas Kruse Kristiansen


Floor Frames




3.13–17.2023, 10:00


1 hour 30 minutes


Dirch Passers Allé 4, 2000 Frederiksberg


Credit: Camilla Trine Jensen

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