Janne Kristensen
Your Space + My Space = Our Space

How should ‘Our Space’ be created?

We have invited Janne W. Kristensen, who is the artistic director of the Association for Integrated Modern Dance in Denmark (FIMD), to set the topic and facilitate this Peer to Peer.

Janne has invited Eik Leknesund Elnes, Toke Broni Stranby and Cath Borch Jensen to a conversation about space – the choreographic, sensuous, bounded, architectural, warped and inaccessible space!

The four artists invite everyone with an interest in dance, art, philosophy, pedagogy and architecture to a dialogue about how we now, and in the future, create space for all types of people and movement.

Bring your views and ideas, and let’s talk about the possibilities for a joint future in dancing, sensual and public spaces.

What is Peer to Peer?
Peer to Peer is a series of artist-driven conversations focusing on professional sharings about dance, choreography, and its impact. You will meet colleagues in a facilitated yet casual space. Peer to Peer is about getting closer to your community and being curious about what is happening in the field – and with each other.

The invited artists will set the different topics and facilitate the conversations. The specific program for each event will be announced during the season.

We start by meeting for half an hour of informal chat and something to drink. Then we continue with the facilitated part by the invited guest(s) of the day. After the event, it is possible to hang out and continue the conversations.

This season Peer to Peer takes place at Huset-KBH (Balsalen), Rådmandsstræde 13, 1466 Copenhagen K, 1st floor beside Spisehuset

The topic and format are chosen by the invited artist in collaboration with Dansehallerne. How you choose to participate in the conversations is up to you.

We meet approximately twice a month, and the event is in English. You do not need to sign up – just show up.

If you have questions or ideas for the Peer to Peer program please write to Dansehallerne, Anna Katrine Korning, akk@dansehallerne.dk.


Janne W. Kristensen is a Cultural Entrepreneur, and since 2013 has worked for the establishment and spread of Integrated Dance in Denmark. She works as Artistic Director in FIMD. She works for a healthier balance and greater inclusiveness in our society, using dance/art as a tool. Has dance studies from NSCD in the UK and works as a body and movement therapist in her own practice. Eik Leknesund Elnes is a Norwegian dancer, choreographer and art educator, educated at the University of Brighton, Teaterhögskolan in Malmö and Stockholm’s Konstnärliga Högskola. Currently studying for a Master’s in Contemporary Dance Didactics. Eik lives with chronic pain and hypermobility that forces him to think about dance through visual and spatial expressions.   Toke Broni Strandby is a contemporary dancer and audition leader, with 8 years of experience from Candoco Dance Company (UK). He works as a teacher at the Royal Ballet School in Holstebro, and as a project coordinator at the Performing Arts Platform in Aarhus. Toke is also teaching freelance all over Denmark.   Cath Borch Jensen is since 2010 a self-taught integrated dancer. She conveys #Detviikketalerom across media and platforms! She is a presenter, body activist, entrepreneurial zealot and trained reflexologist. Cath also works as an exhibition host at the contemporary art center @Copenhagen Contemporary.  


Janne Kristensen


Your Space + My Space = Our Space


Peer to Peer


3.1.2023, 17:00


2 hours


Huset-KBH, Rådhusstræde 13, 1466 København

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