How to join training at PRODA and Danscentrum

Train at PRODA (NO) for up to 3 months by sending an e-mail to, read more here.

Train at Danscentrum (SE) by sending an e-mail with your membership card from Dansehallerne to the location closest to you:

  • DC NORR:
  • DC Sthlm:
  • DC VÄST:
  • DC SYD:

This means that you can participate in the contemporary dance training at DC Sthlm. (Not ballet or jazz arranged by the Ballet Academy).

Just passing through Copenhagen?

If you are a member of either PRODA or Danscentrum and would like to participate in the daily training at Dansehallerne, here are some great news! Train for free as long as you are in Copenhagen and a member of one of the organizations above!

Register by:

  • Send an e-mail to, stating the days you wish to participate.
  • Attach your CV and/ or documentation showing you meet one of the criteria:
    1. You have a professional education in dance and choreography.
    2. You work with dance and choreography.
  • If there is space, you will get a ticket and more information sent to your e-mail. Please bring this ticket to the training.

International guests can also join training for free for up to 1 month, join by following the same guidelines stated above.