Professional Membership

As part of the professional membership, you help to strengthen the industry and build a strong community, where we can benefit from each other’s experience and knowledge and together shape the national dance field – both in front of and behind the scenes.

The professional membership opens up a wide range of offers and benefits, which make your participation in Dansehallerne’s activities more advantageous, and which strengthen your profile, and provide opportunities for professional development.

For 100 / month or 1000 / year, you as a member get the following:

Possibility of free tickets to all the Dansehallerne’s performances

For each performance, several tickets are reserved for our members, and thus you always have the opportunity to experience Dansehallerne’s program. Tickets are booked on a first-come, first-served basis and we will send out an email as soon as the tickets are released. You can reserve a maximum of one ticket per performance.

Free daily training/teaching

Only as a member, you can take part in Dansehallerne’s training activities – a year-round program with approximately 5 days of training per week.

As a member, you also have access to training facilities outside Copenhagen: Danscentrum Syd in Malmö and PRODA in Oslo.


As a new initiative, the Project Center will facilitate a large number of workshops, which only members and the Project Center’s associated artists can participate in. The workshops will deal with relevant topics around e.g. operation and administration of productions.

Free entrance at Peer to Peer and industry events

Dansehallerne’s format Peer to Peer as well as our industry events is free for members.

Meet-and-greet with Dansehallerne

As a newcomer to the field or in Copenhagen, it is nice to get help to build a strong network. We are happy to take an informal coffee meeting with you, introduce you to the dance industry, and give good advice on how to establish yourself as an artist in Copenhagen.

1 free drink voucher per performance

Yes! As a member, you get 1 free beer/wine/soda in the bar per performance (if drinks are served at the performance and if Dansehallerne is the organizer).

Bring a Buddy to select industry-related activities

For special payment events for the industry, it will be possible to bring a friend.

Free totebag

…For your training clothes when you go on and see a performance.

How does the membership work?

With your membership number, you get the opportunity to book a ticket for all industry-related activities for free via our website. In addition, we regularly send you the industry newsletter with reminders about your benefits and when members can book tickets for performances for free.

For training and industry-related events, you must show your membership card or state your membership number at the door.

How to become a member

We are always open to new members and it just requires a professional profile. You can apply for membership if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • You have a professional education in dance and choreography.
  • You work with dance and choreography.

If you can nod yes to one of the above, apply via the formula or send an email to with your CV and any other relevant information. Please mark the subject field “Professional membership”. You can add jpeg, word documents, and pdf’s in the form. After the signup, we evaluate your application and will let you know how to purchase and get access to your membership card, and how to get started with the membership deal, benefits, etc. We usually respond quickly, but there may be a response time of around 1 week during busy periods.

If you have questions about the membership, you can contact Dansehallerne via


Should you be prevented from participating in an event for which you have already booked a membership ticket, we ask you to cancel no later than 24 hours before the event to avoid an administration fee of DKK 100. In the case of training, please cancel via In the case of other industry activities or performances from the public program, please cancel via

How to terminate the membership

A subscription membership can be terminated with a notice period of 2 months in addition to the current month.

When purchasing a membership for one year at a time, you are bound for the first 6 months. After a minimum of 5 months of membership, the membership can be terminated with one month’s notice until the end of one month. Upon termination before the end of the year, you have paid for, a proportionate share of the price for the membership will be refunded.

Termination of membership takes place by e-mail to with the subject field “Termination of professional membership”, in which you state the membership number and membership scheme (monthly or annually).