Institute of Interconnected Realities

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We are hovering half a meter above the surface of the earth, unaware of where we actually are and how we got here. Was it the abstraction of our identity? The obliteration of our shared narratives? The necessary rewriting of history? This hovering has kindled a sense of homelessness – of being on the outside – even of one’s own body.

A PLAY is a choreographic work that explores our attachment to place and to home. The work relates specifically to Husets Teater’s blackbox, paving the way for speculation about the possibility of forming a real bond with a theatre space, and what it takes for us to regard such a place – or any other place for that matter – as a kind of home.

A PLAY explores a notion of place as something that is highly dynamic and expressive: as something that has an innate intention – even though that intention is ambiguous and complex. In many ways, this understanding is at odds with the way in which a place is often portrayed: for example, on a map, where it is marked as a static pin point. A PLAY entertains the idea that the relationship between humankind and place is more like a kind of interaction than merely a matter of orientation or control. It contemplates the notion that this very interaction can generate a mutual relationship.

On stage, we see a group of strong performers involved in different ways of being in contact with place. This results in flows of speech or songs or expressions specific to the place and to the moment in which they occur. A PLAY is an immersive experience, reminding us of what a complex impact places can have on our bodies, our way of thinking – and our imagination!

– The Institute of Interconnected Realities

A PLAY is co-produced by and presented in collaboration with TOASTER at Husets Teater.

A PLAY is the creation of Institute of Interconnected Realities (IIR), which is an artistic project dedicated to choreographic practice and thinking as a means of creating strong, sensuous experiences on stage and to the a concept of ‘decentralised choreography’. The Institute was founded in 2019 by the choreographers Ida-Elisabeth Larsen (DK) and Marie-Louise Stentebjerg (DK) and the scriptwriter/actor Jonathan Bonnici (UK). However, the three artists have been close collaborators since 2014, presenting their joint works in settings such as Dansehallerne, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Martin Gropius Bau, Berliner Festspiele, University of the Arts-Helsinki, SIDance etc.

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Institute of Interconnected Realities






11.21 + 11.23–26.2022, 20:00


1 hour


Husets Teater, Halmtorvet 9, 1700 København


Idea and realisation: The Institute of Interconnected Realities. Choreography: Marie-Louise Stentebjerg. Dramaturgy: Ida-Elisabeth Larsen. Practice Development: Jonathan Bonnici. Performance: Jonathan Bonnici et al. Artistic consultant: Shelley Etkin. Assistant: Sophie Rebekka Grodin. Producer: Gry Raaby. Administration: CYRK. Residence: Holstebro Dance Company. Co-production: Dansehallerne, TOASTER, Husets Teater Funded by: The Danish Arts Foundation, Wilhelm Hansen Fonden, William Demant Fonden.

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