In this interactive dance performance, the artists invite the children on a journey to the imaginary universe ’milkywhale’ – where the sea and the sky bump into each other and to worlds meet. Among others, we meet creatures that communicate in languages very different from ours. In order to get to know these creatures, we find new and joint ways of communicating: through dance, sound, rhythm and drawing.

Together with the dancers, the children create the architecture of the imaginary universe, and through playful tasks they learn how they by listening, watching and experiencing can make up new ways of being together, and can be storytellers without words.

Kalliopi Siganou (DK/GR) is a dancer and choreographer. She lives in Copenhagen where she graduated from Den Danske Scenekunstskole in 2019. Among others, she has been working with the Croatian artist collective BADco, and is working on her own site specific creations. Vivian Põldoja (DK/EE) is a dancer and choreographer from Estonia, based in Copenhagen. Vivian graduated from Den Danske Scenekunstskole in 2019 and now works as a dancer in Denmark and internationally. Irma von Platen (SE) is a dancer and choreographer based in Stockholm. Irma graduated from Den Danske Scenekunstskole in 2019, and now works as an actress, dancer, and choreographer in Sweden and internationally. Karin Bergman is a dancer, choreographer and teacher, graduated from Den Danske Scenekunstskole (2017). In addition to creating her own choreographic work, she has been a co-creating artist in productions by Tina Tarpgaard (DK), Madeline Hollander (US), Jules Fisher & Anna Moderato (DK) and Andreas Liebmann (CH). Karin teaches children, youngsters and adults in improvisation, technique, and choreography. Nikolina Pristaš & Goran Sergej Pristaš (HR) from Croatian artist collective BADco are artistic mentors on ’milkywhale’. Both teach at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb, and work as choreographers, stage directors, dramaturges and performers.






Grades 0 to 3.

Practical info.

Space: 'milkywhale' is performed in a gymnastic hall or large space approximately 10 x 13 metres with a clean and plain wooden floor. The space cannot be a passage room, and must be heated to 20/21 degrees.

Numbers: Per performance max. 50 pupils and two adults participating. It must be the same adults throughout the whole session.
There are three dancers visiting you.

Clothing: Please wear clothes that you can move in.

Sound: There must be a functioning set of sound equipment in the space.

Duration: 90 minutes per performance.


For Municipalities, For schools


Choreographers: Kalliopi Siganou, Vivian Poldõja and Irma von Platen, Dancers: Karin Bergman, Vivian Poldõja and Kalliopi Siganou, Photographers: Camilla Winther et al.