Compañia Afromenco

Aphrodite, Yemaya, Venus. The little Mermaid.

Below the sea. Sirene song. To die for love.

Ocean foam. Death. Afterlife. To obtain an eternal soul.

Anadyomene – The one rising from the sea.

We fall into the sea – and then what happens down there? Step into an underwater world where the spirits live on. The spirits also live on in those who miss the people who disappeared in the sea.

’Ocean Foam’ is a dance performance that poetically wonder about big questions like sorrow, loss, and why it can be necessary for humans to flee from their family and home.  

You will be part of the story and will have a sensuous experience of the work when we move together in the underwater world like swaying seaweed, and when the space changes from having three dancers in it, to a whole sea of dancers. ‘Havets Skum / Ocean Foam’ finishes with a shared reflection about the experience.

Phyllis Akinyi (E/DK) is a Danish-Kenyan dancer, choreographer and researcher based in Madrid. Her movement background is mainly flamenco, which she weaves together with African dance expressions. Artistically she is interested in how bodies trapped between different cultures and identities can reflect themselves in movement. Stina Tranum Kolsvik (DK/NO) is a Danish-Norwegian dancer, choreographer and teacher. She works with traditional flamenco and is especially interested in its complex rhythmical universe and strong expressivity. Stina searches for incorporating and giving life to elements from flamenco within other dance genres. Mbaye Art (DK/SEN) is a dancer, choreographer, musician and dance teacher from Senegal. He has a 3 year diploma in contemporary dance and traditional dances from West Africa and has worked with Compagnie Pasytef, Uppercut Dance Theatre and Toniah Pedersen, among others. He is the founder of Festival Lamb Daj Dance in Senegal that promotes dance as an artistic profession. Deise Faria Nunes (NO/BR) is an artist-researcher with a special interest in performance, ritual and audiovisual. She is currently a PhD fellow at the University of Agder. Nunes has been based in Norway since 1999 and is active in the performing arts field since 2003. Micaela Kühn Jara (DK/DE) works in the field of Dance and Participation, taking different roles such as dramaturge, artistic producer, conceptualiser and facilitator. She works at the Dance and Choreography department in Den Danske Scenekunstskole and freelances between Germany and Denmark.


Compañia Afromenco




Grades 4 to 6.

Practical info.

Space: 'Ocean Foam' is performed in a gymnastic hall or large space approximately 10 x 13 metres with a clean and plain wooden floor. The space cannot be a passage room, and must be heated to 20/21 degrees.

Numbers: Per performance max. 50 pupils and two adults participating. It must be the same adults throughout the whole session.
There are three dancers visiting you.

Clothing: Please wear clothes that you can move in.

Sound: There must be a functioning set of sound equipment in the space.

Duration: 90 minutes per performance.


For Municipalities, For schools


Choreographer: Phyllis Akinyi, Dancers: Stina Tranum Kolsvik, Mbaye Art and Phyllis Akinyi, Music and sound: Carolina ‘Caro’ Acuña-Olvera, Artistic comsultants: Deise Nunes and Micaela Kühn Jara.