Back Into Time

In ‘Back into Time’, we meet three dancers who want to inspire others to dance and move freely – and not to be afraid of being oneself or of being a beginner. The dancers themselves are foolish, different and give themselves to the moment when they take you on a journey through many ways of expressing oneself through the body.

The performance is also a story about friendship, backing eachother up and the freedom to expressing oneself. Through different dance styles each with their kind of music, groove and way to move, ‘Back into Time’ show a way into an imaginative world where dance can be everything, and where nothing is wrong – as long as you keep playing with expression through movement. You will sense this by participating, sweating and by feeling the pulse and the groove of the music.  

Dung Chinh Nguyen, aka Slowz (VN), rooted in hiphop, has worked with many dance styles and movement genres. He plays a central role within the Vietnamese hiphop environment organizing projects, events and battles, being a dj creating music and video. Eliza Boye Mouritsen (DK) has a heart for African dance and music cultures and has performed with companies in Senegal, Cuba, USA and Sweden. She is a soloist in ”Song, dance and play” from Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium (2018) and is an active performer, organizer and teacher. Anna Eileen Nguyen Jeppesen, aka Groovy (DK), has always been dancing. Today, she’s got a long list of performances, tours and battles on her CV. In 2017, she was rewarded ”Female urban dancer of the year”. She lives and breathes dance and culture. Hooman Sharifi (N/IR) has a background in hiphop and graduated as a choreographer from Kunsthøgskolen in Oslo (2000). He is the artistic leader of Impure Company, and for years, he was artistic director for Norwegian Carte Blanche. Hooman Sharifi is artistic mentor for’Back Into Time’.




Back Into Time


Grades 3 to 9

Practical info.

Space: 'Back into Time' is performed in a gymnastic hall or large space approximately 10 x 13 metres with a clean and plain wooden floor. The space cannot be a passage room, and must be heated to 20/21 degrees.

Numbers: Per performance max. 50 pupils and two adults participating. It must be the same adults throughout the whole session.
There are three dancers visiting you.

Clothing: Please wear clothes that you can move in.

Sound: There must be a functioning set of sound equipment in the space.

Duration: 90 minutes per performance.


For Municipalities, For schools


Choreographers: Anna Eileen Nguyen Jeppesen and Dung Chinh Nguyen. Dancers: Elisa Boye Mouritzen, Anna Eileen Nguyen Jeppesen and Dung Chinh Nguyen. Artistic consultants: Hooman Sharifi and Micaela Kühn Jara. Photographer: Martin Dam Kristensen.

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