Octopus Reflections

‘Octopus Reflections’ is an interactive performance in your classroom, right between tables and chairs – and on and below them, too. One dancer is visiting, providing you with headsets through which you hear music, different sounds, and the voice of the dancer. You follow when the classroom transforms into a sensuous movement space – so please be ready at your seats. 

Boaz Barkan is a choreographer and performance maker based in Copenhagen. Barkan explores embodied practices for performers and communities. At the moment, he works with implicit choreographies in families/homes and schools/classrooms as institutions. Barkan is a Feldenkrais practitioner and holds a BA in dance and psycology. He has worked intensively with Anna Halprin and Body Weather Laboratory. Anna Lea Ourø is a dancer, choreographer, and producer. Within the duo A Ourø / A Kasakove she works on a triology about how dance can contain a space for loss. She is part of Dance Cooperative, a venue and dance studio for intersectional practices in Copenhagen. Based on a concussion, she has developed a practice where healing and care is combined with life as a dancer and choreographer. Karin Bergman is a dancer, choreographer and teacher, graduated from Den Danske Scenekunstskole (2017). In addition to creating her own choreographic work, she has been a co-creating artist in productions by Tina Tarpgaard (DK), Madeline Hollander (US), Jules Fisher & Anna Moderato (DK) and Andreas Liebmann (CH). Bergman teaches children, youngsters and adults in improvisation, technique and choreography. Seimi Nørregaard has worked as a stage director, poet, performer and scenographer in the intersection between visual arts and performance since she graduated from Nordisk Teaterskole in 1998. The red thread in her artistic practice is to create spaces that attribute to the work equally as do bodies, text, light and sound.


Octopus Reflections


Grades 0 to 3.

Practical info.

Space: 'Octopus Reflections' is performed in the classroom, between tables and chairs.

Number: Per up to 28 pupils and at least one teacher participating. It must be the same teacher throughout the whole session.
Each class is visited by one dancer.

Clothing: Please wear clothes that you can move in.

Duration: 40 minutes per performance.


For Municipalities, For schools


Choreographer: Boaz Barkan. Dancer: Anna Lea Ourø Jensen. Dancer: Karin Bergman. Scenographer and costume designer: Seimi Nørregaard.

Statens Kunstfond (en)