Bagom stjernerne

‘Bagom stjernerne / Beyond the Stars’ is based on wonder and philosophical conversations with children, and in this interactive dance and music performance we address big and small questions in life. With a basic assumption that children are able to experience and reflect on artistic experiences, the performers will be inspired by the children and they will therefore be able to recognize themselves in the performance.

The children can have influence on the scenography consisting of celestial bodies, when they prepare objects for it, and this way ‘Beyond the Stars’ gets to be a cross disciplinary work where dance, music, textile art, children and professional artists create an artistic unity.

You can read the preparatory letter for the daycares in Danish here.

Siri Dybwik (NO), choreographer, established dybwikdans in 1999. Since then, dybwikdans has created performances and collaborated with culture institutions in Norway, Europe and Asia. Siri Dybwik is interested in the competences at stake in the meeting between the artist and the audience, and in ‘Beyond the Stars’, she explores the complex universe where body, music, lyrics and other artistic tools meet the child. Camilla Schnack Tellefsen (DK) holds a bachelor in dance from the Universitety of Stavanger, Norway. She works in the intersection between improvisation, physical theatre, choreography, partnering and site specific. Her experience comes from theatre roles and solo song, as well as solo and company jobs in dance performances. Julie Holmegaard Schade (DK) is a solo accordeonist educated at Det Kgl. Danske Musikkonservatorium. In 2020, she made her debut with her own concert performance EMBODY. Working as a freelancer, she concentrates artistically towards performing arts, bringing art to people where they are. Nils Christian Fossdal (NO) is educated at Rogaland Musikkonservatorium and Statens Operahøgskole in Norway. He mainly works as a freelance singer, composer and sound artist in different contexts. A lot of Norwegian children know him as Lektor Fossdal in the theatre company ’Galen i halen’. Janne Camilla Lyster (NO) is a dancer, choreographer and author. Besides poems, a novel and a play, she has published choreographic scores for dance that have been performed in several countries. She has been working with dybwikdans at several occasions, exploring what kind of text and lyrics that are relevant in performing arts for the youngest audiences. Elin Melberg (NO) is educated as a textile artist and has had many solo and group exhibitions in Norway and abroad. Sha has created several scenographies for dybwikdans’ performances.




Bagom stjernerne


1 to 4 years.

Practical info.

Space: 'Beyond the Stars' is performed in a neat, clean and warm space suitable for movement. The space must be at least 5 x 7 metres / 6 x 6 metres and should not be a room of passing through. The temperature should be at least 20/21 degrees.

Numbers: Max. 15 children and min. two adults per performance. It should be the same adults throughout the whole session.
One dancer and one musician will come to your institution.

Clothing: Please wear clothes that you can move in.

Duration: 40 minutes per performance. The two artists visit you between 8.00 AM and 12.30 PM. They perform three times in the institution within this time frame.


For Child-Care Centers, For Municipalities


Choreography: Siri Dybwik, Dancer: Camilla Schnack Tellefsen, Musician: Julie Holmegaard Schade, Composer: Nils Christian Fossdal, Librettist: Janne Camilla Lyster, Scenographer: dybwikdans in collaboration with Elin Melberg, Photography: Morten Berentsen.

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