NET is a dance performance that you get to be part of, together with three dancers. A web moves into your school, spreading out in the gym hall. Departing from the web, we build a wavy landscape that opens doors to new imaginative spaces, with dance as the vehicle. Together, we create a choreographic kaleidoscope.

NET invites us to dance – offering a space for experiencing ourselves as links in a chain, threads in a web, or atoms in a molecule. With wonderous curiosity, we see ourselves in this web as parts of new constellations in constant change. From a jumble of threads, we dance along with our imagination on a special pathway, stop at a bonfire, or fly as a flock of birds. New horizons open, and spaces yet unknown appear as we go.

Accompanied by captivating beats and melodious loops, we dance through the performance by mirroring, building, helping, waiting, melting together, and leaning back into our imagination. NET is at the same time playful and serious; a performance where the dancers create an including atmosphere, guiding the audience to investigate and get lost in a shared aesthetic experience.

The dancer and choreographer duo OR/ELLER was founded in 2018 by Madeleine Lindh and Anja Arnquist. A continuous interest of OR/ELLER is working with the concept of ”within”, which they do through choreography and scenography, and by placing their performances within, in different ways: E.g. by wedging them into large formats on big venues, or between two books in a library. OR/ELLER perceive their work as points of contact, inviting both dancers and audiences – children as well as grownups – to being part of a fiction playing with a tone which is at the same time complex and simple, serious and humorous. Elinor Tollerz Bratteby works as a dancer since 2012, mainly with non-institutional choreographers, artists and collectives in Sweden and internationally. She engages in dance and choreography as ever changing concepts, committed to explorations of what we do not yet know. Rebecka Berchtold is a dancer trained in contemporary and post-modern dance. Dance training, iterations and perspectives from inside are important elements in her practice. As a dancer, she has worked both freelance and with the company Norrdans (2019-22). Furthermore, Berchtold produces the podcast “5678” about dance training. Karin Bergman is a dancer and choreographer based in Copenhagen. Artistically, she is interested in decentralization as a way to recognize and organize movement, the relations between bodies and their environments and dance in unconventional places. Her latest choreographic work “Somatography” premiered in Dansehallerne 2022. Bergman has been touring interactive performances for children in Dansehallerne’s KORA program since 2020. Liv Mikaela Sanz is educated in dance at Millennium Performing Arts, London. She has performed in works on a series of venues in Denmark and internationally, and has furthermore been teaching dance for many years at The Danish Royal Ballet School, Den Danske Scenekunstskole, and in elementary schools. Naemi Gustavsson is a fashion and costume designer from Sweden, graduated from Kunstakademiets Designskole in Copenhagen. She continuously works with design inspired by function, and often explores the interactions that happen in the relation between garment and body.






Grades 0 to 3.

Practical info.

Space: 'NET' is performed in a gymnastic hall or large space approximately 10 x 13 metres with a clean and plain wooden floor. The space cannot be a passage room, and must be heated to 20 degrees.

Numbers: Per performance up to 50 pupils and at least two adults participating. It must be the same adults throughout the whole session.
Three dancers will visit you.

Clothing: Please wear clothes that you can move in.

Sound: There must be a functioning set of sound equipment in the space.

Duration: 90 minutes per performance.


For Municipalities, For schools, KORA


Concept and choreography: OR/ELLER – Anja Arnquist and Madeleine Lindh, Dancers: Elinor Tollerz Bratteby, Rebecka Berchtold, Karin Bergman and Liv Mikaela Sanz, Scenography: OR/ELLER in collaboration with Naemi Gustavsson, Costumes: Naemi Gustavsson, Music: William Rickman, Graphics and illustration: Agnes Florin, Production: OR/ELLER and Nordberg Movement, Co produktion: Dansehallerne and Norrlandsoperan in collaboration with Dansens Hus Stockholm.

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