Xiri Tara Noir
Postponed: your worth is not measured by your productivity

A workshop on pleasure, radical self and community care for dancers, dance makers and artists working within the expanded field of choreography.

In a society that glorifies productivity, taking care of ourselves as artists is a radical action. This workshop is a space for us as dancers, dance makers and choreographers to take the time to determine for ourselves who we want to be, rather than who the cultural institutions want us to be. Together we will critically re-think the ways in which we work and confront our own prejudices surrounding what it means to be ‘a good artist’. We will work with how we through practicing from a place of rest, imperfection and pleasure, can create our own self-care strategies and to set up healthy boundaries. The workshop draws on BDSM consent practices and intersectional feminist studies with an emphasis on embodied collective sharing processes.

To attend this workshop you must be ready to break with tabus around shaming, competition and overproduction as value systems. The workshop is inclusive and open to all genders and bodies, but encourages individuals who identify as person of colour, queer femme and/or female* to participate. The work we will be doing is open for and relevant, both to participants who have done the workshop before, and for those who haven’t participated before. We start where we are.

The workshop can be assisted for dancers with visual impairment, but unfortunately not with hearing impairments. The workshop will be held in english, but the facilitator has knowledge in portuguese, spanish, swedish, danish, english and french.

Be aware that when you sign up, you sign up for all days attendance for this workshop (4 days x 3 hours).
If you can not join all days, please let us know when signing up. We will then inform you if it is still possible to participate:)

We encourage you to continue looking after yourself & each other and arrive to practice with a valid corona pass.


Xiri Tara Noir


Postponed: your worth is not measured by your productivity




9.14–17.2021, 10:00


3 hours


Dansekapellet, Bispebjerg Torv 1, 2400 København


Andreea Eva Herczegh