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Convoi Exceptionnel
You Are a Day Tomorrow

Please note: 
DANISH: The performance plays in Danish: 27 Oct at 7pm + 28 Oct at 5pm + 29 Oct at 3pm. 
ENGLISH: The performance plays in English 28 Oct at 3pm + 29 Oct at 5pm.

“You Are a Day Tomorrow”, a spatial audio play, experienced in a classroom. It is a memoir tying past and present, a personal narrative exploring the social dynamics of school and the institutional influence on the body and soul. It presents an auditory sensitivity analysis that examines nostalgia and brutality. “You Are a Day Tomorrow” is an invitation to listen with equal parts nostalgia, hope, and desperation, through headphones whilst sitting on chairs in a classroom.

The work is created by the performing arts company, Convoi Exceptionnel, staged by Jon R. Skulberg and developed in collaboration with writer Tina Åmodt, composer and sound artist Kristian Hverring, and dramaturg Astrid Hansen Holm.

“You Are a Day Tomorrow” is the third part of the “Trilogy for Educational Spaces”. Each part is set in a specific location, where the audience reencounters an institutional space from childhood. The company invites us into these institutions and educational spaces that are deeply imprinted into our bodies and minds. Here, richly atmospheric experiences are created in the setting of everyday life, away from the usual terrains of art. Convoi Exceptionnel explores three spaces – a gymnasium, a swimming pool, and a classroom.


Convoi Exceptionnel


You Are a Day Tomorrow




  • 27.10.2023, 19:00
  • 28.10.2023, 15:00
  • 28.10.2023, 17:00
  • 29.10.2023, 15:00
  • 29.10.2023, 17:00


45 minutes


Oehlenschlægersgade Skole, Oehlenschlægersgade 57, 1663 København


Concept/stage direction/manuscript: Jon R. Skulberg. Text: Tina Åmodt. Composition and sound design: Kristian Hverring. Dramaturgy/manuscript: Astrid Hansen Holm. Voices in Danish edition: Asger Bech, Lisbeth Sonne Andersen, Sofie Lebech. Voices in English edition: Florian Svarre Couët, Diana Moisa, Frederikke Hooge Steen Berg. English translation: Ulrik Trojaborg. Administration: Jens Christian Jensen. Producer: Nikoline Jørgensen. Production: Convoi Exceptionnel. Co-production: Dansehallerne, PASSAGE Festival. Supported by: Danish Arts Foundation, William Demant Foundation.

Statens Kunstfond (en)
William Demant Fonden (en)