Eve Stainton
Offerings for Seclusion (movement based workshop)

This session has been developed using practices and ideologies related to
choreographic performance work ‘Dykegeist’.

I’ve been thinking about my relationship to the dilapidated gate and how it
symbolizes a kind of hope in a hopeless situation, in the context of trying to find
moments of temporary seclusion for sex or intimacy in the absence of spaces for
this outside of the cis-male ‘underground’.
During this session I’m interested to explore the idea of seclusion, and ways of
offering seclusion, through the lens of movement and interaction. How this might
affect movement qualities and modes of relating. Working with the space and one
another to construct offerings for privacy, and to be held by the feeling of being
concealed. I will be imagining the space as queer, sentimental and generous, a
place for exchange and support.
More practically, this session will involve guided movement explorations, tasks
involving touch with another person, discussion and feedback, and potentially
moments to share some live situations developed. All experiences are welcome.


Eve Stainton


Offerings for Seclusion (movement based workshop)




10.11.2021, 16:30


2 hours


Union, Nørre Allé 7, 2200 København N


Artist: Eve Stainton