Anne Juren
Workshop of Fantasmical Anatomies, Symptoms and Practices

Welcome to take a workshop with Anne Juren that will take place every day August 29th- September 2nd at 1-4PM after her morning classes for professional dancers.

Workshop of Fantasmical Anatomies, Symptoms and Practices Studies on Fantasmical Anatomies is an ongoing transdisciplinary choreographic platform, which encompasses the spectrum of embodied experiences and therapeutic practices that Anne have created as a choreographer, dancer and Feldenkrais practitioner. By drawing on various fields of knowledge – anatomy, psychoanalysis, posthuman, feminist and queer theories, poetry and somatic practices – the research expands choreography towards disparate treatments of the body. Using fabulations, collective imagination and telepathic touch, the morning lessons and the workshop will propose bodily practices situated at the intersection of the therapeutic and the choreographic.

Fantasmical Anatomies Lessons and Practices are simultaneously a set of soma-poetic choreographies, methodologies of collective sensoria and places where the corps fantasmés are tangible. 

The workshop is hosted by Dansehallerne in collaboration with Forsøgsstationen.

In order to participate in this workshop you must be a member at either Dansehallerne or Forsøgsstationen and sign up via one of our webpage. 

Please bring your own yogamat, pen and paper to this workshop.


Anne Juren


Workshop of Fantasmical Anatomies, Symptoms and Practices




8.29 – 9.2.2022, 13:00


3 hours


FORSØGSSTATIONEN, Sønder Boulevard 81, 1720 København V


sacrum @Anne Juren foto @André Lepecki